Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Generally joyful life

Just got back from a total body workout fit for a true superhero. I can feel all ~600 of those damned things right now. Thank goodness for Jones Green Apple Soda. That's stuff's been my newest obsession after Coca Cola's Full Throttle (Fury) and caffeine pills - not that I'm dependent on any of those things to keep me awake. Let me explain.

Lately, I've had this magical feeling that a young man gets about a certain, very lucky young woman. Only, I don't know who she is or whether it's even about a human being. Don't get any stupid ideas. You know what you were thinking. But I'm talking about a particular abstract personification of the University of Washington that took shape in my mind a while back.

I envision this incredible place as a vibrant, confident young woman just bursting with intelligence and charisma. Just being here is like being with the love of your life - the sense of time here is so distorted. Everything that makes up this institution - from the architecture of the buildings to the unbelievably lively student body - is perfect! There just happens to be no reason to go to sleep anymore. Although today's workout has certainly taken it's toll on me. I really think I'll sleep like a baby tonight. Good night, oh wonderful world.

Export more trippy, endorphin-high writing in the future. UW has made all my dreams come true and I hope to God that I will never forget the awesome memories I make here. I'm going to be so love-drunk for the entire time I'll be spending here.


Andrew said...

hey, found your blog through Nate's. Nice pic that you posted, though your subject sorta made me expect that you're announcing a hot date or something. :-) How ya doin?

Nathan said...

Hmm The student body, I hear you there. I hope I get into UW for some of the student body too, LOL!

Nathan said...

Oh lol, I didn't realize you made it approval of comments lol!

her royal cuteness said...

lol. dude, you sound like you're high in this post.