Monday, November 13, 2006

Brotha from Anotha Motha

Recently, I made a new friend named Longfei. Even though we've hung out for less than 10 hours, the guy's been like a brotha from anotha motha. It's like we've known each other since kindergarten. I've made awesome friends before (no offense Stephen, Josh, Dharani) but I've never met anybody who acts like my twin. We've got the same taste in movies, same passion for RTS games, same mad interest in fitness and same drive to beat one Rica at badminton.

It's interesting how all of the events in history have led to this. How else would a Chinese guy born and raised somewhere far away meet an Indian (who also happens to be from far away)? Then again, UW is pretty much like the Twilight Zone when it comes to things like this - some of my wildest dreams have come true on this amazing campus.

Alright, here's to my new bestest friend ever! You da man, Longfei! If only we were roommates... Damn that would be fun.

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